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Our Story

Our story is only beginning and will be authored with your help, as we take this journey together.

In 2013 Gowo founder Antonio Le Mons set out to create a digital platform that would transform the multi-billion-dollar self-help industry. He left his six-figure executive position and dove unflinchingly into wireframe and design development. After months of development and a global search for the perfect tech co-founder, Antonio made an unlikely discovery that would change everything.

While sitting in a Leimert Park Village conference room awaiting a meeting on community participatory research excellence, Antonio met Solomon Tubbs Foster—a maverick with a love for technology. They knew immediately that they would create something remarkable together. Initially, they thought they’d shepherd the GPN platform to market, but the continual fatal officer-involved shootings of black men came to be an inescapable distraction for Antonio. He began thinking, maybe there was a way for the work that he had spent the previous year-and-a-half developing could be used to have a positive impact—maybe there was a way to use the platform to connect good.


Then in an unrelated happenstance, Antonio got woke to the enormous obstacles facing emancipated foster youth, particularly related to securing housing and employment. He immediately reached out to Solomon, suggesting that they move forward with building the platform, but to do it in a way that included this vulnerable group of young people.

Solomon loved the idea. With the knowledge that less than 3% of emancipated foster youth go to college, they envisioned creating an on-the-job-training and development, apprentice model that would identify young people with aptitude and grit and provide them training and mentorship that would permanently and positively change the trajectory of their life stories—from predictable chronic instability and dependence, to economic independence and fulfillment.

Almost as soon as they devised their plan and set their intention, the opportunity to build a smaller, local digital solution for a major client landed in their laps. It was perfect! Armed with a contract, a vision and some key early supporters Antonio and Solomon founded Gowo.
This November 2016, in partnership with CRCD, Gowo is thrilled to launch its inaugural in-residence, TRACKER™ program cohort.

Stay tuned as the Gowo story unfolds. Better yet, come be a part of it.

Our Leadership

Get to know the amazing team.

Antonio Le Mons, President/Founding CEO

Antonio Le Mons is a visionary whose deepest passion is helping people live their best self. Antonio has spent his entire career actively involved in maximizing the potential of individuals and industry. He’s developed and administered multi-million dollar programs for the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the state of California, and both the City and County of Los Angeles. He has more than 25 years of executive experience in non-profit organizations. He has served as Director, VP, Executive VP and CEO of communications, marketing, and community and economic development firms.

Antonio is a native of Detroit who holds a Master’s in community and clinical psychology and a Bachelor’s in telecommunications with an emphasis in business. He is a former member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) and served a 5-year term on UCLA’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the protection of human subjects.

Solomon Tubbs-Foster, Founding CTO

Solomon Tubbs-Foster’s deepest satisfaction comes from knowing that he has advanced the cause of humanity. He’s a self-taught software developer from Los Angeles, California. He has an international presence not only in strategy, but also in architecture development, programming, design and deployment. Solomon’s extensive experience and knowledge in the digital world has won him the recognition of the clients who he’s worked with. He’s Director of Information Technology for the Pan African Film Festival—one of the largest black film festivals in the United States, he creates proprietary solutions that help the organization meet the rigorous demands of the entertainment industry. Solomon considers himself a lifelong student who constantly strives to challenge himself and evolve with the cutting edge.

Diane Burbie, Board Member

Managing Principal of The ASPIRE Group

Diane Burbie is the founder of The ASPIRE Group. She is an experienced trainer, facilitator and coach. She has served in executive, management and consultant capacities with corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies (at the federal, state, county and city levels). She has worked with organizations across the United States, as well as China, South Africa, England, Canada and Jamaica. Ms. Burbie has been recognized for her outstanding work, receiving the prestigious Stanford University BCSC 2011 Legacy Award. Diane was educated in the Los Angeles public schools. She holds a BA (with honors) from Stanford University and a MBA from the University of Southern California, School of Business.

Dr. Antonio Gallardo, Board Secretary


Dr. Antonio Gallardo is a successful leader with more than twenty-six years of experience serving in executive positions in both for-profits firms and non-profit organizations located in the United States, Venezuela, and Japan. His areas of expertise are business development, leadership and board development, financial management, community development, mission oriented business management, strategic and operational planning, business start-ups, and research and evaluations. He is a proven successful steward of organizational resources from medium to large size teams, and yearly budgets ranging from $3 million to $200 million. He served as a Deputy Director at the Cesar Chavez Farmworker Movement serving Latinos nationwide, and as the Chief Program Officer at First 5 Los Angeles, a $ 2 billion Foundation serving children and families in Los Angeles County.

Martice Mills, Board Member

Director, Business Development, Banc of California

Raised in South Central Los Angeles, Martice Mills spent his childhood moving from home to home, adjusting to new schools. He overcame hardships and stayed out of trouble by setting goals for himself and tapping local resources within his church and the community to learn about finance. After starting his own business to earn his way through college–the first in his family to attend a four-year university–he embarked on a successful career in private banking for Wells Fargo. But something was missing. Joining Clearinghouse CDFI, a mission-based lending institution, Martice now works in underserved communities looking for the “hidden jewel” – a small business, church, school or real estate property that most banks can’t underwrite. With Clearinghouse CDFI’s support, these institutions can have significant impact in the community and be profitable for the company.

D Frederick Sparks, CPA, Esq., Board Treasurer

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan

Frederick is an accountant and attorney by background and is currently affiliated with Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan.  He was previously with Skadden Arps and Jones Day, as well as the accounting firm of Price Waterhouse. He was also a compliance analyst for Oracle. Frederick has served on the boards of the East Bay chapter of Habitat for Humanity as well as the secular social justice organization Black Skeptics of Los Angeles.  He also blogs about issues related to secularism and social justice. Frederick received a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and J.D. from Stanford University, and a Master’s in Accounting from the University of Southern California.

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