Solve big problems by
connecting good.

Gowo is an employment-focused social enterprise providing quality, on-the-job training and development in digital technology for transitional age youth (18-27). We emphasize development for emancipated foster youth and those experiencing circumstances that would exclude them from the workforce.


Each year about 1,500 foster youth age out of the Los Angeles County child welfare system, unprepared for self-sufficiency. Most have nowhere to turn and face independence alone, without the benefit of enduring early relationships, role modeling and financial support, relegating them to chronic stress, instability and dependence.

We know that these young people and others experiencing rough starts, like under achievement in traditional academic settings, homelessness and recent incarceration, can benefit from non-traditional, asset centered, entrepreneur inspired settings like ours, and find economic independence and personal fulfillment.


Our Mission

Invest in the personal development and skills training of individuals who face the greatest barriers to employment, while building quality digital systems and human capital for socially responsible organizations and businesses.


Permanently and positively change life stories, from chronic instability and dependence to economic independence and fulfillment.

our values

We strive to be asset based, fulfillment driven, and community-equity-and ecosystem centered.

our motto

Solve big problems by connecting good!



We specialize in affordable, easy to maintain, custom digital solutions for organizations and businesses committed to “good work”. Our services include: mobile app, web and PHP development, graphic design, CMS and E-commerce.

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Website & Platform Development

Pan African Film Festival

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What our cLIENTS say

“I am so happy to show all the haters that just because I had a rough start in life, doesn’t mean that I’m stupid or not goin’ nowhere. You guys are great. Keep believing in us.”

Daria Fowler | Gowo Tracker™

Your services are awesome. Now we’re able to exhibit films worldwide more efficiently and economically, at the highest technological standards. Thank you!”

Oduduwa Olatunji | Pan African Film Festival

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Tel: 888-830-3502